2010-2014 U.C. Santa Cruz, Ph.D.
Ph.D. Advisor: Alex Gamburd
Ph.D. title: Quantitative spectral gap for thin groups of hyperbolic isometries
2004-2008 University of Cambridge, B.A. (1st), C.A.S.M. (Distinction)

2021-         Professor, Durham University
2017-2021 Assistant Professor, Durham University
2015-2017 Gibbs Assistant Professor, Yale University
2014-2015 Member, I.A.S. Princeton

Most significant awards
LMS Whitehead Prize 2021
ERC Starting grant 2020 UBIQGAP `The ubiquity of optimal spectral gaps' 1,437,000€
NSF Standard grant 2017 `Thin counting in moduli spaces' 145,295$

A full CV is available [here].