News: I am looking for a PhD student to begin in September/October 2024. Please contact me if interested!

Michael Magee

About me
I'm a Professor of Mathematics at Durham University.
In academic year 2023-2024 I'll be a Von Neumann fellow at IAS Princeton.
I'm interested in a broad range of problems in geometry, dynamics, spectral theory, and number theory.
I am from Northern Ireland.
email: michael(dot)r(dot)magee(AT)durham(dot)ac(dot)uk
PhD students
Will Hide (2020-2024) Topic: Spectral theory of random cusped hyperbolic surfaces
Ewan Cassidy (2021-2025) Topic: Representation theory and Weingarten calculus for symmetric groups
Anitej Banerjee (2022-2026)
Current postdocs
Irving Calderón
Joe Thomas